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DIY Kids wands

Today I would like to share with you a simple craft I made last summer for the summer party in the kindergarten, The girls of my class were fairies and they need a wand matching with the costumes, so I made one for witch, using very easy materials, that will took me only an afternoon and they were so happy!

Materials:Template,Fabric scraps, two squares, satin ribbon , Matching thread, tree stick, stuffing, glue or hot glue gun, sewing tools

How I did it:

Step one. Paint the tree stick with kids painting or with what ever you have in your home 😉

Step two. Using the template and right sides of the fabric together, cut out your star.

You’ll need 4 streamer ribbons, more or less the stick’s length. Make sure the ends are cut on a diagonal.

Step three. With right sides together, pin your star together, leaving an opening in the bottom for turning, your dowel, and the streamers. Pin the streamers in the seam before you sew. I’d pin the ribbons into the centre of the star to keep them out of the rest of the seams.

Step four.Turn and stuff, the more you stuff, the better the star will look.

Step five. Insert and glue the dowel into the star. I used fabric glue for my star, but hot glue would work well too.

Easy peasy!!

Have a nice day

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