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Welcome November

Good morning everyone!!

It’s November already, and I hope it has good things reserved for me! For welcoming November I made this little project for the living room. The days are a bit more grey and the wind and rain are part of the days now, so I chose grey for this. For making this, you only need: a mason jar (I used one from the marmalade), thick wool, needles nr7 and flowers or plants that you like (I get mine in a field near by, but I really don’t know what they are :))

How I did it

The knitting part: Cast on 28 stitches and for 3 rows make the rib (K1, P1), then knit in stockinette stitch for the length of the jar and make rib again for more 2 rows. Cast off and sew.

It’s really easy, let me know if you have any doubt

Have a nice day!

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