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Nice Magazines Online

Today I would like to share with you thee fantastic magazines all about crafts, kids and art!

The knot it´s a French magazine, I love the layout and the photos.It’s a magazine that mixes with the DIY cooking, fashion and decoration. Knot will help you discover talents and creative places. But also simple tutorials to beautify and personalize your daily life.

Babiekins Magazine is created by Priscila Barros, who is based in Southern California. Babiekins Magazine was created to translate the style, comfort and sophistication of must-haves for real kids all around the globe. We feature a range of fashionable and newbie designers, amazing party ideas, an array of fun DIY projects, family relationships, as well as real issues concerning children.

Kireei Magazine, is spanish and is the journal of the beautiful things is a project of Kireei. Some editions are free, online magazine, which is aimed at all those who enjoy the little things everyday and looking for beauty in their everyday

Hope you like it! Have a creative day…

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