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Mother’s day strawberry and vanilla jam

Today is the first Sunday of May so in Spain and Portugal we celebrate mother’s day.

My mom lives in Portugal so we are not so often together but every sunday we have a little chitchat. Today I decided to make strawberry and vanilla jam maybe to remember all the cooking sundays we had together. My mom is this kind of mom that she is a super hero and she knows everything, she taught us all you need to know about crafts and hand work and most important she taught us to chace what we want by giving us important tools as knowledge and education, so she is a kind of roll model to me and my sister.

Now back to the jam, this takes only 25 minutes and it’s so easy and tasty!

Here is the recipe in case you whant to try it.


550g of strawberries

230g of sugar

2 tsp of vanilla sugar

Juice of a half lemon


Cut the strawberries in small pieces and put them in a pan, add the rest of the ingredients. With medium heat mix until they are bubbling and looking jammy ( more or less 25 min). And tadaaas jam is ready. Pour the jam into previously desinfected jars, close the lids and turn the jar upside down.

Hope you like it!



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