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Menorca my favorite places

Hello everyone!

Still in Menorca enjoying a little getaway and I felt like sharing the amazing places I have been.

Menorca is a paradisic island the landscapes are breathtaking and I loved to have the beaches all for ourselves.

Benibiquér is a small fishermen city with white houses and green doors, so cute to go for a walk, have a drink and make some photos.

Ciutadella an old city with nice shops and very old buildings. Loved to buy some wools in the city center.

Cala Turqueta, one of my favourite beaches from the island with crystal waters that you could see the white sand underneath.

Cala en Porter, another amasing beach with a big sandpit nice for families.

Mahón, old city with the oldest natural harbour in Europe. The buildings are so pitoresc here, you can lose yourself in the maze inside of old city center.

Cala Mitjaneta, my top 1 beach from the island. We had to walk almost a hour to arrive there but it was worthed. We had a fantastic beach for ourselves and the colour of the water was a light turquoise blue.

It was so inspiring resting here that I ‘m sure I will come back soon!



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