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Chocolate tart-cake

Good afternoon dear readers!

Today I would like to share with you a recipe of a tart-cake, I know, strange name for a sweet treat, but the true is I really can’t tell if it’s more tart or more cake so that’s the reason!

Yesterday we had bank holiday here so I went to the kitchen and made these tart-cakes!

In half an hour I made these and had the kitchen done, I was a bit afraid of the combination but in the end was looking great and super yummy!

So if you would like to try these ones, here is how I made them.

Ingredients for the tart dough:

130g of butter

Half of a tea spoon of sugar

Half of a ts of sea salt

300g of flour

70g of water

Ingredients for the chocolate dough:

125g of black chocolate

200g of sugar

2 eggs

200 ml of cream

60g of flour


I started to make the tart dough putting all the ingredients in a bowl and mixing all with the hands, until I had a sanded dough.

Then I made small balls and covered de tart potes ends and sides and baked 200 degrees in the preheated hoven.

In a meanwhile I baked the chocolate dough mixing the sugar with the eggs.

Then I melted in a pan the chocolate with cream and mixed all together. For finishing I had the flour and mixed very well everything.

When the tart dough was ready (a bit golden) I filled up the middle with the chocolate dough and baked at the same temperature for more 10 minutes.

Hope you like this recipe as much I enjoy experimenting it, on a holiday that felt like sunday.



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