DIY knitted placemats

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Hello everyone!

Today in Valencia is a bank holiday, so I enjoyed my morning knitting on the sofa with a super warm blanket.

I come up with this pattern for knitting placemats, I love this project because it's so affordable, so easy and it looks really great on our dinning table.

So if you want to give it a try, here is the pattern:

Materials { off white cotton rope, 10mm knitting needles}


* Cast on 20 stiches using the 10mm needles.
* Knit using stockinette stich for 37 rows.
* Cast off losely.

Note: For a nice edge slip first stich evey row.
If you have any doubts or sugestions you can ask me and I would love to see pictures if you decide to try it.


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2 comentários

  1. Este mantelito es ideal, muy handmade! ^^

    Recién acabo de llegar. Tienes un blog muy dulce y bonito. Enhorabuena!

    Hasta pronto!


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