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Hello everyone!!

Sorry for my absence but I had very good reasons...
As I told you in a earlier post I was helping one of my best friends to prepare her wedding and it took all my free time!
The thing is, I love weddings and if I could I would get married every year ( but always with the same guy :) this wedding was so nice and romantic I love it!
Today I would like to show you some pictures from the invitations, I took the picture here in Germany in a near lake it was so fun!!
Then I created a vintage postcard with a nice quote chosen by the couple.
I liked so much how it turn out and I thing all the guests liked too.
I will show you more things about this lovely wedding hope you like the invitations!

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5 comentários

  1. Las invitaciones son preciosas!!!
    Las has hecho tú? Geniales! :)

    Un besín!

  2. Han quedado preciosas las invitaciones, estoy deseando ver más detalles de la boda!


  3. me gustan mucho!!!

    Un saludo desde
    Una guía muy personal de Berlín!

  4. WOOOOOwww I like a lot! I've just discovered your blog and I think that you have really great ideas. Since now you have a new follower ; - )! best regards! Montse of


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