Wonderland Friday

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Hello little snowflakes,

It's snowing outside everything is covered with a white fluffy blanket, so it's time to seat inside, drink a hot chocolate and dream...
Today I would like to share some really useful information about the story that we all know, Little Red Riding  Wood. 
Did you know that it origin is French and the story has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings. The story was first published by Charles Perrault.
At the moment the TV series Once Upon a Time (I´m addicted!!!) has a different version that I invite every one of you to see :)

I would like to show you my version of the main character, what do you think?

Have a nice weekend!

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8 comentários

  1. Una caperucita encantadora, normal que el lobo quiera comérsela, yo no pararía de darle achuchones. :P
    Me encantaría poder compartir contigo un chocolate calentito con los pies llenos de nieve.

  2. Que preciosa caperucita te ha quedado! Ahora me quedé intrigada sobre la versión original...
    Tienes un premio en mi blog
    Premio Liebster

  3. Divina Caperucita !! super delicada, me encanto!!

  4. Yo también soy adicta a Once Upon a Time!! :)
    Me ha encantado tu caperucita nevada! Parece grandota, no? Muy bonita!! :)

    Un besín!

  5. Que tierna caperucita, y que bonita secuencia de fotos <3!! Es adorable!! <3 <3


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