DIY Painted Chairs

by - 2:30 PM

Today I would like to show a easy DIY that can change completely old furniture, is very easy and you don't need to have previous knowledge.
For this you will need paint ( I chose white red and light blue, but you can make it as you like), paintbrush, sandpaper, and a cloth to clean.

I started to clean very well the chairs and then with sandpaper sanding all the chair until all the varnish disappear.  Then with mate paint I paint each chair and let it dry for the night.

I love how they come out and my living room looks very modern and light. It´s a easy DIY and also very cheap.
Have fun crafting


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11 comentários

  1. I love them! They look so much better and fresh now :)
    Come over to my blog and enter a giveaway featuring the lovely Allie from Sleepy Northwest x

  2. Me encanta cómo han quedado!! Preciosas!! ^^


  3. Geniales Sofia, yo quiero unas. Te prometo que cuándo vengas a Valencia te llevare a un sitio que te va a encantar. Un beso

  4. Te han quedado estupendas!!! :D
    Me gusta mucho la tonalidad de la silla azul.
    Un besín!

  5. Te han quedado de cine, Sofía. Los colores que has escogido son ideales !

  6. Geniales... me encantan. Un trabajo perfecto

  7. Que trabajo tan meticuloso, Sofía, me encanta la vuelta que les has dado a las sillas!
    XXOO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  8. Sofia me encanto tu blog!! precioso y con mucho DIY
    muchos saludos


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