Cookies day

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Yesterday in the house smelled like Christmas!!!

As I said in a earlier post the cookies day is a Christmas tradition with my sister, that we start a few years ago and it's to keep!
This year we made eight different cookies, all super yummy I have to say, but my favourites, are the ones from Portugal and the recipe is very easy!

We made Portuguese cookies, coconut, chocolate, lemon, coffee and orange, praline and masapan cookies, we spent all the afternoon in the kitchen and it was really a nice day! It's impossible don't get fat with so yummy cookies...
I post here the recipe of Portuguese cookies for you all go along with us!!! Christmas is coming!!!

Have fun baking!!!

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5 comentários

  1. ¡Que ricas!
    Apunto la receta :)

    (Tengo una duda... ¿de dónde eres? Es que como siempre escribes en inglés, me ha pasado otras veces y no sabía si comentarte o qué...)


  2. Ummmmmmmmmm mándame algunas, qué buena pinta!!!!!

  3. Wonderfull!!!! I LOVE IT !!! Voy a empezar a practicar ingles en este blog maravilloso jejeje..Sofía el post precioso y seguro estaban riquísimas...

  4. Se ven re ricas, especialmente las de coconut.


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